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Sam Bond - UK Gladiator

I had met Sam once before and had spoken to him several times leading up the Kettlebell Training Course. Within moments of meeting Sam we had erupted into detailed discussions about the current issues surrounding our own training, our personal philosophies about training and critically analysing training methods.

The course was an absolute pleasure to be on and didn’t feel anything like an assessment. I have trained in many gyms, I’ve met many people in many weight lifting networks and have I worked with some elite athletes; very rarely do I meet any individuals at the same time whom I instantly respect for their training principals.

These guys are absolutely fantastic and I only wish I had had more time to train with them and to discuss our ideas together. I have never been one to follow someone else’s advice blindly, especially when it comes to my weight lifting and health. I consciously test or analyse every idea I hear about and try to form my own unique approach to training.

The Kettlebell Training Course is so unique. Anyone participating in this course will take away far more than simply what is written down on the course curriculum. I’m confident that this training course will shatter your expectations and you will walk away with more than you bargained for!”

I have been teaching myself the olympic lifts and kettlebell exercises via books and the internet but it is no substitute for 1-1 interaction with an expert. Sam is certainly an expert. In our pre-course chat, we had so much in common from fitness philosophy to choice of films.

Once the practical started I was quite pleased that my self teaching had given me a head start and after a few attempts I picked things up pretty quickly.

I left the day with a better understanding of the major 'bang for your buck' exercises such as clean and jerk, snatch, deadlift, squats and numerous kettlebell work. Sam even gave me some tips to help develop my hamstrings for my bodybuilding career. Any trainer or athlete wanting a good introduction to foundational strength exercises should call Sam today. You won't be disappointed."

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