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Kettlebell Trainer are a group of Elite Coaches, Personal Trainers and Health Care Professionals, delivering Strength and Conditioning coaching for competitors and athletes and Personal Training for fitness enthusiasts in Solihull, Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

Paul Ryan - Account Manager

Whilst I was initially very sceptical about radically altering my intensive training regime, built up over 7 years, I found myself reaching a new personal best on my bench within a couple of months.

I now spend three days rather than four at the gym and work on sophisticated yet easy to understand programs that match my training goals and interests.

Sam Dovey has invested to understand far more techniques and approaches to training than any professional instructor or keen strength trainer I have ever met. My routines now frequently include the best tools developed across the world.

I even have trainers in my local gym asking me to share my approach given the recent gains I have made.

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