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Kettlebell Trainer are a group of Elite Coaches, Personal Trainers and Health Care Professionals, delivering Strength and Conditioning coaching for competitors and athletes and Personal Training for fitness enthusiasts in Solihull, Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

Welcome to kbt weightlifting club

Welcome to KBT's Weightlifting Club,founded in 2010.


Due to a very high demand of interest, from competitors and strength athletes wanting to learn how to Weightlift, to improve their performance and because of people interested in starting  Weightlifting to compete, I decided to start KBT's Weightlifting Club in the West Midlands.

Our Club is British Weightlifting affiliated and is headed up Licensed Coach Sam Dovey, who is a very experienced Senior British Weightlifting Coach & Strength Coach and also a Masters Weightlifter. To see more about Sam Click here.

what do we do?

To see what we do, check out the below video.



where are we based

Warwickshire college gym

Henley In Arden Centre

Stratford Rd


West Midlands

B95 6AB


when are we open

KBT Weightlifting Club is now open on the below days and times for club sessions:

Monday evening 16.30 - 21.00

Wednesday evening 16.30 - 21.00

Friday afternoon 16.30 - 19.00 or Saturday morning 10.30 - 12.00


For Open sessions for Weightlifting & Strength and Conditoning in the West Midlands we are open:

Monday - 0900-14.00

Tuesday - 0900-1800

Wednesday - 0900-1630

Thursday - 0900-1800

Friday - 1200-1600

Saturday - 1200-1700

Sunday - 1000-1500


For New members, or Open sessions please call me to confirm you would like to attend.  07811 465652

what equipment do we have

2 Weightlifting platforms

2 Mens Olympic bars

2 Womens Olympic bars

2 Olympic shock bars

Weightlifting Blocks

Jerk Blocks

Power Cage

Squats Racks



Eccentric Hooks

Olympic Rings

Kettlebells from 4kg to 64kg

Dumbells up to 50kg


Plyo Boxes


what will you learn

Whether you  want to learn how to weightlift for fun and to improve your strength, or to compete and challenge yourself, you are more than welcome! If you want to take it more seriously, or you are an athlete who wants that extra edge on the competition, then come and join us!


We will teach you how to perform the the Snatch, Clean & Jerk and all the assistance lifts.

This is completed in a safe environment, This is delivered by expert licensed coaches, who are fully insured and CRB checked and licensed.


For those of you interested in Powerlifting, we will teach the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift following IPF rules.

who is it for

Everybody, Men, Women and Kids

Masters Lifters, 35 years age and older.

Club Seniors, Born before 1990

Club Juniors, Born in 1991,1992,1993

Club School Members, Born later than 1994


We have lifters and athletes from all backgrounds at our club, making it very diverse. Our youngest member is 11 and our oldest member is 57 and our club has a large female contingent. We also have alot of crossfit athletes who attend to perfect their lifting technique. If you want to go on and compete, we have alot of lifters competing from beginner to elite level, including English Number one John Hanna, British Number 2 Ivan Mihai and British Number 1, Commonwealth Bronze medalist and Olympian, Zoe "pablo" Smith. So you will have access to see some of the best lifters in the country who come to our club on a weekly basis. We also have guest lifters attend our club, who are supported from a Strength and Conditioning perspective, including British Champion & Olympian Jack Oliver and Team GB's Sarah Davies.

for athletes wanting Strength & conditioning

For athletes wanting to improve their performance, for a competition we will cover:

Bio mechanical assessments

Body composition analysis

Performance testing and analysis

Program design and periodisation

How much will it cost

KBT Weightlifting have a number of options regarding joining our club, or for our open sessions, please contact us to find out more, so we can ensure you choose the right option for you. Or call us on 0333 2020 949 

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