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2010 Review & 2011 The long road back

Happy New year all!

I hope all the training and healthy eating plans are being adhered to! Just on this, remember for continued success, make small permanent changes that you regularly intergrate into your lifestsyle rather than trying to change everything at once!

Now on to yours truly, 2010 was a strange year! It consisted of alot of personal success for myself, my Wife and Kettlebelltrainer's best ever year in business. We also formally launched and an array of Reps accredited courses to the UK market place and there will be a lot more to come!

But as we all know, challenges are a part of life and at some point you will encounter them. Well this year was a good and bad year for my personal training achievements. The bad consisted of concussion, my first broken bone compliments of a friends horse and suspected Avian flu, which took me out of training for 6 weeks! Yes I know that sounds bad, but on a positive note, I PB'd on all of my lifts, got my conditioning level back to a similiar standard when I was an elite athlete and competed in the boxing ring!

I also got back on my bike and road trails and built a good base for my 2011 plans!

So what for 2011! Well as a Coach,  we are always motivating athletes and teams to be the best they can be! Or we are delivering education to PT's and other coaches, but what about our goals?

Yes its good to get PB's in training and get a high when your athlete wins a comp, but I still miss competition!

So for 2011 rather multiple focuses, I have decided on one focus, which I plan to take seriously and see how far I can go as a Masters Athlete!

I have entered the Northern Masters Weightlifting Champs in Halifax on the 12th of Feb.

I will be competing in the 85kg class in the 35-39 age group.

Now the real challenge, is my recent training has been GPP, boxing, some Kettlebells and Powerlifting! As much as I coach weightlifting and instruct on our courses, it has not recently been my main focus!

So I have just under 4 weeks to prepare and get competition fit! Yes I can Power Snatch and Clean no probs, but the conditioning and flexibility you need to perform the full lifts takes time!

To add to this, I would also like to compete in the Masters British Champs and to do this I need a 175kg total, which would be a 72.5 Snatch and a 102.5 Clean and Jerk! Now when I was focused I could of got this, but now its a challenge, which is great!

So stay tuned and I will be blogging weekly with updates and daily on TWitter, detailing my progress, bodyweight and strength levels!

Finers crossed, I get in the British Masters!!!




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